First Republic of Ireland Companies to Receive an SC21 Award

Over 160 delegates from the aerospace and defence sectors assembled today at the Titanic Belfast to celebrate the accomplishment of the first two compnaies in the Republic of Ireland who where awarded with .  The SC21 Programme (run by the ADS Group) helps enhance supply chain improvement, develop efficiency and boost competitiveness of the UK & Ireland aerospace and defence industry.

Bombardier initiated the programme to a number of Republic of Ireland suppliers in November 2013.  The two companies that have obtained recognition through their involvement are Takumi Precision Engineering (Limerick) and DPF Engineering (Carlow).

Gerry Reynolds, Managing Director of Takumi Precision Engineering commented: “It is a tremendous achievement to be awarded the SC21 Bronze award and this marks the start of an exciting journey for us, during which we will work to continually improve our business, alongside Bombardier which is leading us through the programme.

“This successful program has had many positive effects on the business, most significant of which was its focus in giving the whole company a common goal and purpose. Integration and cooperation with our customers was also reinforced as fundamental.  The most important outcome of the SC21 program is the adoption of metrics to monitor the progress of the business. These metrics presented on a Balanced Score Card will give us all visibility on how the company is performing and will be a critical factor in monitoring our future growth and success. ”

Seamus Lancaster, Managing Director of DPF Engineering said: “The SC21 process has encouraged us to look at the business in a different way, helping us streamline our processes to increase our efficiency. It has created a team dynamic throughout the company with a structured focus on improving our overall performance within the business and throughout our supply chain. Ultimately, this is a benefit we can pass to our customers through reduced costs, making us more competitive. Our ability to create business relations within the aerospace industry will have taken a huge step forward because of our SC21 Bronze accreditation. SC21 Silver will now become part of our business strategy going forward as we continue to grow within the aerospace sector”

Neil Kerrigan, Head of Industry Led Research, Enterprise Ireland said: “Building on our collaborative relationship with Bombardier, Enterprise Ireland responded to an opportunity to work with ADS in 2013. The Agency is delighted with Takumi and DPF’s achievement. This Award opens more commercial opportunities for our client companies with major Primes in the UK.”

Leslie Orr, Manager of ADS Group Ireland commented:  “We’re seeing an increased number of supply chain companies investing in maximising operational efficiency to stay ahead. We felt there was an opportunity to extend this valuable programme into the Republic of Ireland and the programme has been very well received. It is very positive to see Takumi Precision Engineering and DPF Engineering recognised for the steps they have taken since embarking on SC21.”

Stephen Cowan, Vice President of Supply Chain & Fabrications, Bombardier Aerospace, Belfast, said: “Through the SC21 programme, we have seen a tremendous improvement in local suppliers who have increased their competitiveness and are now generating more sales.  We are keen to build on this through the expansion of the programme into the Republic of Ireland, as we recognise the importance of having a competitive supply base across the island of Ireland with whom we, and other companies, can do business.”