Aerospace Engineering Job Search

Aerospace EngineeringMydas Recruitment helps individuals conducting an aerospace engineering job search to find positions in Design, Maintenance, Security & Defence, Manufacturing and Design.

Aerospace Engineering Division

A multi-faceted and challenging industry, aerospace and aviation companies require an experienced recruitment partner with real expertise in their sector.

As a key supplier to the Aerospace industry, Mydas Recruitment is the first choice for clients and candidates across Northern Ireland, Ireland and the UK. We have a proven track record of sourcing and selection for leading Aerospace and Aviation companies for over 20 years – in fact – it is where Mydas began!

Our consultants have worked closely with many high-profile Aerospace and Aviation companies, giving us an in-depth understanding of the needs of the industry and unrivalled knowledge and support to reduce lead times, produce engineering solutions and integrate supply chains.

The key to our success is that we recognise our position within the recruitment process and understand both our Client’s and Candidate’s needs.

How does Mydas help Candidates with their aerospace engineering job search?

We are a company dedicated to working in partnership with talented individuals across all aerospace engineering disciplines. Our experience within the aerospace engineering industry enables us to provide unique opportunities with internationally renowned aerospace engineering companies across Northern Ireland and the UK.

Mydas has continually brought fresh ideas to recruitment, based on an understanding of our candidate’s skills and experience, matched with the recognition of our client’s requirements.
Our consultants are trained to understand the skills, qualifications and experience required in the aerospace engineering industry and the demands and requirements of a range of engineering and technical roles.

How does Mydas help Clients with their Aerospace Engineering Recruitment?

Our experience in the aerospace and aviation sector and the breadth of our expertise enable us to provide tailored solutions on a global scale to a range of customers.

Our consultants have played an essential part in the operational and commercial success of aerospace engineering businesses large and small for over 20 years. Our clients represent many of Northern Ireland’s and the UK’s most successful businesses within aerospace engineering sector.

These are businesses that demand the very best people as well as a comprehensive recruitment service to match. They are businesses that require the peace of mind that comes from knowing their recruitment is always in safe hands.

We pride ourselves on expertly assisting employers with the placement of hard to find individuals into aerospace engineering roles – both contract and permanent.
Our unrivalled database of engineers allows us to match the best candidates to your requirements; we can provide candidates on a permanent, long or short term basis depending on your workload, timescales, schedule and budget.

Our database of contract and permanent aerospace engineering staff cover a wide range of disciplines – each candidate is carefully vetted and selected for their expertise, experience and skills. We cover disciplines including:


• Aircraft
• Maintenance
• Manufacturing
• Security & Defence
• Operations
• Quality Control & Assurance
• Design
• Stress
Please contact us for more information

Please contact us for more information.